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Long-Distance Movers Near Boston, MA

Long distance moving requires a lot of preparation and coordination. Every move we do at Mastodon Moving LLC is handled by our own team and is never contracted out to third-party freighters or workers. This means that the same trained movers that you meet while packing the truck will be on the other end to welcome you into your new home.

Why Hire a Professional Moving Crew for Long Distance Moving

A long distance move shouldn’t be treated with the same mindset you would treat a move across town. We highly recommend hiring a professional moving company to successfully transport your items from one state to the next. Our moving team has traveled as far as California and Florida to move entire households across the state. And yes, we'll even put our moving trucks on the ferry to Nantucket if that's what it takes.

The hardest part about long-distance moving is planning accordingly. Mastodon Moving LLC is a full service moving company, which means we won’t just arrive to load up your items – we go through the entire moving process with you! Our services include moving management where we help customers determine what they need in their new home and what they don’t. Moving long distance is a great way to purge your family from unused items and furniture; anything you don’t need we can pick up and remove for you.

Benefits of Hiring Mastodon Moving for Long Distance Moves

Our boutique moving company will never contact another company for moving assistance, which means we will never mix one customer’s goods with another. When our spacious moving trucks arrive at your door, you’ll notice that they come equipped with packing materials for all sorts of items, as well as floor runners to protect both hardwood and carpet while moving, and padded blankets and sturdy straps to keep your furniture save.

All items are loaded into the truck with care and are organized by room to make for an easy unloading and unpacking process at your new home. When you attempt a long-distance move on your own, items tend to shift around in your rental truck or the trunk of your car, which can cause damage. Mastodon Moving LLC ensures that all your belongings are securely fastened to the sides of the truck and stack appropriately to avoid shifting en route.

Our professional movers are seasoned veterans when it comes to planning a long distance move. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and we can quickly give you a free estimate for your move.

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