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Our goal here at Mastodon Moving LLC is to make your move as efficient as possible. The bulk of the time spent on any move is packing up your belongings at your old location and unpacking them at your destination – but we understand that not everyone has the time or the patience to pack up a whole house.

That’s where our professional moving team comes into play. Our experienced movers can quickly and efficiently pack up an entire house, apartment, or single room so you can devote your time elsewhere.

Why Choose High Value Packing & Unpacking Services

Having a professional moving crew pack and unpack your belongings frees up your time that you can be dedicating to tying up loose ends at work or getting your kids prepared to enter a new school system. Mastodon Moving LLC is armed with an extensive assortment of packing materials that makes it easy to organize belongings.

We’ll accurately label all boxes and pack each room as one unit onto our spacious moving trucks so that they can be unloaded one room at a time at your new home. If you wish to only have us pack or unpack certain boxes or rooms, we can certainly do this as well.

When to Schedule Packing & Unpacking Services

When you contact Mastodon Moving LLC, let us know your moving date. We recommend you arrange a pack date a few days before your move-out date so everything is prepared for a smooth furniture loading day. If you have any high value items such as workout equipment, chandeliers, antiques, artwork, rare collectibles or other belongings you believe will take time to pack, let us know beforehand so we can bring the appropriate packing materials and set aside ample time to pack and unpack these items.

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