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Apartment Moving Near Boston, MA

Looking to move into the greater Boston area from out of state? Perhaps you’re just moving from one side of town to the other. Either way, if you’re planning on living in an apartment Mastodon Moving LLC can help make your move as efficient as possible.

According to recent data, 35% of all housing in the Boston area is made up of apartments – that means an estimated 88,162 people either rent or own an apartment! As a local moving company whose employees grew up in town, we understand that there is a lot of shifting and shuffling between apartments, especially during the summer months, as students leave school and young professionals get settled into the area.

Why Choose a Professional for Apartment Moving

Apartment moving can be tricky, but our full service moving company has years of experience dealing with narrow hallways, steep staircases, multi-floor climbs and dealing with street parking. Our moving trucks are able to navigate through even the smallest of the North End’s streets, through Cambridge traffic and everywhere in between in order to make sure your belongings make it to their new destination.

We don’t recommend attempting an apartment move on your own if you have to move more than a bedroom’s worth of stuff. Save yourself the time and the agony of heavy lifting and let us completely pack up your apartment and unpack it at your new place.

How to Book Your Apartment Move

Booking an apartment move with Mastodon Moving LLC is easy and only takes one step: Contacting us! We’ll be able to give you a free estimate based on the belongings you need moved, where you’re moving to, and whether or not you need additional services or storage space.

If you’re downsizing from a home to an apartment, our boutique moving company can provide you with ample amounts of storage space at our Westborough-based storage facility. We will properly box and store any belongings you don’t need in your new apartment. We understand space is limited, so let us help you determine what furniture can fit and what can by stashed away for a later date.

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